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  1. Popped out the red lettering and put led strips in. After I was done put white letters on top to seal it up with mold made white letters.
  2. Thanks! I normally just drive with white on like this. Don’t need to bring to much attention to me.
  3. It’s quiet the process, basically removed the red insert, made transparent white ones, soldered LED together to seal it up with some resin to make it water proof. Let that seal up for a couple days, while I made a harness with a DC converter, fuse and Bluetooth controller. I’m gonna order some more supply to make one for my friend. Hopefully this ones is a bit faster.
  4. Hey, wonder what looks best?! Just finished making my homemade GMC LED Emblem Can change to any color. What do you guys think?
  5. Like one of these GMC LED emblems? I think I might be able to a few extra.
  6. Finally finished my side project! LolLove the look of the LEDs. Can change to any color!
  7. It was a project on the side. Used the OEM Factory GMC emblem, cutting and epoxying it. Took lots of time but after all said and done. All I had to do was pop my GMC emblem off and pop this one into place. Made the wiring harness too, so just had to connect positive and negative.
  8. Hey just found this forum. I did kinda the same set up. It changed on an app with 200+ sequences. Can change to any color.
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