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  1. So if they didn't mark it then how do I know at what point to re-install it at? Do I just turn the drive shaft 90 degrees and bolt it back together?
  2. Damn I was afraid that might be the issue.
  3. So I just installed the Zone 4.5" lift on my 2018 Sierra 1500 with fox 2.0 shocks on the rear as well as the add a leaf and Bilsteins 5100 on the front. Took it out for a spin and when accelerating from about 20 km/h to 60 km/h I get a shudder/vibration in the drive line. This happens either when I am accelerating or braking through this speed range but is not there when I shift it in to neutral. The truck had no issues or vibrations prior to the lift kit install. Any ideas?
  4. So I have a 2018 Sierra WT and I'm trying to figure out if my HMI is io4 or io5? Any way to do this without taking out the unit?
  5. I have a 2018 Sierra WT and I am trying to find out what version of the HMI I have....io4 io5??? Is there any way to figure it out without pulling out the unit?
  6. Hey does anyone know if the head unit out of a 2018 Yukon Denali will fit in a 2018 sierra 1500?
  7. So i have a black 2018 sierra 1500 wt with the stock chrome front bumper amd im looking to change it out for a body colour matched bumper. Does anyone know of the bumper off a same year sierra elevation would fit? Or even better does anyone have a part number that would be a direct replacement? Thanks
  8. Center console swap?

    Does anyone know if the center console swap works with the 4x4 floor shift?

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