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  1. Nope. Haven’t found the answer yet. I may just drop the headliner and, if something isn’t there already; I’ll find power and make a harness myself. There must be power in the overhead console...
  2. I'm trying to make this upgrade also. Does anyone know where the power for the mirrors comes from; or where to tap into power if necessary? I have the mirrors, but don't want to install them until I have power for them.
  3. I know, I've read the posts, and seen the videos about leaks. Yet, there are also a bunch of trucks out there without leaks. I also have a 2007 Tahoe; no leaks, or problems of any kind...
  4. Does anyone know of a template for the location of factory XM antenna? Or... does anyone know of an aftermarket, low profile, permanent mount antenna that can be placed on a flat section of the roof? My truck didn’t come with Onstar or XM, but I switched out my radio module for one with XM, the only thing I don’t like is that it came with a magnetic antenna. If I went with factory shark fin; what part number would it be? If you look at the part online there are options for Onstar, satellite radio, and digital radio...I only have XM, no Onstar.
  5. Yep. If you can get one, and want the kit, I’ll let it go (relatively) cheap.
  6. I can only confirm that it will work for a ‘17 or ‘18. Technically, it’ll work for an older truck, but this kit doesn’t include the hood latch/switch; (not required for ‘17 or ‘18, as per GM’s instructions for installation). Essentially, I’m selling two fobs, and a piece of paper, with an activation number... I will post the part number later, so that you can cross reference with your truck.
  7. If anyone wants the kit to add remote start to their '17 or '18 1500, I have one to sell. The kit is really just two new fobs and an authorization code. I couldn't get any of the local dealers to install it, so don't need it. Make me an offer.
  8. I did something similar to my 2018 last year, two months after I bought it. I turned too soon, forgetting I was parked next to a low landscape wall. Fortunately for me, the damage didn't go all the way up to the door. I took it to three different body shops (In Napa, and St. Helena) to get a "cash" quote, as I didn't want my insurance to go up. They all said they could fix it, relatively easily. Two quotes were for around $1200, one was for $2700. I haven't gotten it fixed, and will probably be higher now.
  9. I’ve kind of given up on this for now. Maybe I’ll try different service departments in the coming months. It seems to me that the cost of the “kit” is mostly for the programming (from GM), as the kit only includes the fobs. I know the installing dealer would still charge their hourly fee also. An older version of the kit included the hood latch, but no more. I believe 2018 trucks already have the latch with the sensor in them. The other part that makes me think this is that the instructions clearly say if vehicle is not equipped with AQQ; there is an “added” fee for programming to enable remote door lock/unlock so that auto-start will function correctly. I met the owner of my local dealer a couple years ago, seemed like a very nice person. He knew my employer at the time. Makes one wonder if he knows, or cares what his service department is like.
  10. Maybe, maybe not. Originally I didn't have the parts. I just told them what I wanted to do; told them I had seen the kit on the Chevy website, and gave them a part number. The first response was "that's just fobs, won't do anything for you..." When I respectfully asked that they look into it some more, the did, and said they would try and figure out how long a tech. might take to do this, and call me back. (Which they never did...) I just went ahead and ordered the part because it was on sale online. Then I called them back... and that's where we are. If they were interested in making the money on the parts they shouldn't have been a..holes.
  11. I have pretty much come to that conclusion... I’ve also decided that service managers and parts managers are extremely lazy. (I know that’s a huge generalization; but oh well). I have the parts and know this can be done, but these guys act like I’m the idiot. I hav always liked Chevy, but these guys are making me rethink that. Merry F’n Christmas... Really though, Merry Christmas. I’ll find a service department somewhere that will help me out...
  12. I know this has been discussed before; and that remote start can, in-fact, be added to trucks that didn't have it from the factory. Actually, I don't care about the Remote Start itself, I just want Keyless Entry but figure I might as well go the whole way. My problem is convincing the dealer to do it. I have a 2018 1500 "Custom". It has power locks, windows, and the TPMS. I have the installation instructions from the Chevy website; and it seems clear that even in a truck without AQQ, all that is required is programming. I have been on the phone several times with my local dealer's service department and they keep promising to call me back, which they don't follow up with. Earlier today I was told the kit wasn't available, and wouldn't be for over a month. When I told the service manager that I actually had the kit, he got extremely annoyed and said he would call me back. (I don't think that's going to happen). I'm in Northern CA (SF Bay Area). Has anyone near me done this, or does anyone know of a dealer in the area that has a decent service department? I'm willing to spend the day driving and waiting to deal with someone who doesn't think this is impossible...
  13. I'm trying to do this to my 2018 Custom, Double Cab. I have the harness and module + buttons. I can't seem to get a good number for the trim piece that houses the buttons/lights, etc. The one I came up with, and ordered is to big to fit in my console (#23104432). Does someone know the number for that piece? Or do I have to replace the whole console to do this? If so, the number stated in the thread as the correct console is "no longer available" all the dealer sites I've checked... Thanks, in advance, for any help.
  14. Two weeks ago I would have totally gone for the trade; unfortunately I already have the 18's, so I just need to get rid of the 20's.
  15. I just ordered stock 18" wheels off ebay. If anyone wants (black) 20" wheels, I'm going to try and sell mine, along with the tires. I don't like the look of 20's, and wouldn't buy a truck with 22's, unless the dealer was willing to change them out. To me, modern cars/trucks are looking more and more like toys than real vehicles. I always think of Hot Wheels when I see big wheels on cars and trucks.
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