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  1. Camshaft

    I have been looking for a graph. Interesting curve.
  2. Camshaft

    high-lift won't cause torque to go down ever. Those cams are so different that they cannot be compared. Remember the goal is to get air into the engine. If you open the valve farther, it is going to allow more air(unless you're beyond max flow of the head), valve timing is where you play with the power curve. Open the valve for longer, the curve goes higher. So your goal is to open the valve as far as you can for a shorter amount of time.
  3. Camshaft

    Why would he keep lift down? He needs as much lift with as little duration as he can get--I would keep it around .550 to keep it reliable.
  4. Camshaft

    Headers/exhaust will also make it sound and drive better, and stick with a smaller cam. The truck is too heavy to really take advantage of a large cam.
  5. Brakes

    Try the test, if the brakes seem the same, you might have a leaking booster which means your engine essentially has a HUGE vacuum leak when you depress the pedal
  6. Brakes

    Sounds like you might have a leaky booster or a leaky booster hose. Check them, it sounds vacuum related since the engine bogs.
  7. heck it should! I went from carb(stinky) to a MPFI on my big block and it is MUCH cleaner all the way around. The carb would idle at around 12.8:1(any leaner and it would die) where the MPFI will idle at 13.9:1 all day and doesn't really smell up the garage
  8. Can’t get 4x4 to Work

    Sounds like the front hubs aren't engaging. Are you sure someone didn't convert it to a manual hub lock?
  9. Rust on 2013 Silverado

    Toyota is really the only one with frame rust issues. The chevy won't really have a problem with frame rust.. Mostly brake line and fuel line rust. Honestly it is probably surface rust and maybe some pits. I just bought a 2002 silverado with frame rust and it's mostly just surface rust. It has resided here in Alaska for its whole life. Honestly if you're worried about it, just get a wire brush or something to get anything that is loose and then apply a barrier film or something. Truck looks great! I have had a 2014, 2015 and a 2017 tacoma.. Yes stupid I know. The 14 was a 2wd 4cylinder so I got rid of it for the 15 for a 4 cylinder 4wd.. Loved that truck and thought if the 4 cylinder is this good, the 6 cylinder must be better! yeah toyota REALLY dropped the ball on he 3rd gen v6 set up. I hated it so much that I went and bought an old 2002 chevy. I haven't been happier. Literally the only thing I miss from the tacoma was the backup camera. Then reading all the frame rot through issues, I am happy now. I have already put 2k miles on the chevy this month. Hasn't skipped a beat. Only annoying thing I found was the rear knock sound over an incline which is a known issue that I know doesn't hurt anything
  10. Luckily we don't use much salt up here, mostly sand. Not much rust though the truck looks relatively new underneath
  11. Got my caliper changed.. No more stuck caliper Easy job too on this truck! 30 minutes total from taking the wheel off to having it bled.
  12. Yeah, if this engine ever dies i am going to go to a 6.0 probably. I can find them here often. So far everything works well so we will hope it lasts a while
  13. Yeahh if it woke it up that must be crazy! This thing is like on 500mg of caffine compared to my tuned tacoma I had. (2017) Some call this a "down grade" but I feel as though it drives nicer than the tacoma did. Toyota really messed with the tune/transmission/engine in that truck. I hated driving it. This thing makes more power everywhere! Even my girlfriend likes driving it more and she has only driven those two trucks!
  14. As for the yoke, I have that issue, which really doesn't bother me as I am used to it from when my father had an 05. I will throw a fuel filter on and get a grease gun to grease all those fittings. As for the caliper, I have it and just need to replace it--right rear. Steering and rear diff all work well and I don't see much rust on any of the lines under there. So far I am happy with it. Makes a lot of torque compared to my old tacoma(great truck just horrible engine/transmission combo). Here are a couple pictures:
  15. Thanks for the replies! So far it is driving great, however, I think I have an issue with the rear calipers sticking--specifically the right. Going to pull the wheel and see what is going on(hoping to get away with just greasing the pins). Otherwise she drives well!

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