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  1. I believe I figured out the fuse portion of it. Here is a picture of what my current connector looks like. I found a used harness online, but it is the same as mine, but with 2 additional wires for the power locks.
  2. Have a 2012 GMC Sierra 1500 WT that I want to add power locks to. Now I am not going to go through the factory harness or any of that because of trying to get all the harnesses, switches, relays and BCM. I have aftermarket switches and relays already and a plan of how I am wiring it all up. Questions I have are the following... 1) For the power to actuate the locks, since originally the circuits are 15 amps and none of the original locations have power or wires for it, I was going to use the X14 spot on the L I/P MBEC. It has power at terminal 2 which is battery and protected by 15 amp fuse. Does anyone know where this fuse is that protects this circuit? I would like to know in case something happens and the fuse blows. 2) The plan was to replace the door actuators with ones that have the power locks. I ordered one and it came broken, but the electrical connection on the new one had 5 pins, but looked like it could take 8 pins. My original has 5 pins, but the connector only has 6. It is smaller than the replacement actuator. I need to find out if they make an actuator with power locks that takes the same size connector or I need to find a bigger connector to replace the current ones in the truck. In the picture you can see the one on the bottom (with the blue T) has the 6 pin connection and the one on the top has the 8 pin connection. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Karl

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