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  1. I've got a large chunk of SC and GA saved to my SD card because I sometimes run deliveries for work, but not often enough to have all the routes memorized. Runs to about 1gig total.
  2. Spend a few minutes before you head out someplace with good WiFi. Set your destination up in Google maps and tell it to download the maps for offline use. If you get off the interstate and loose cell service out in the back of beyond your phone GPS will still work, as will your maps. About the only thing you miss is accident reports and slowdown notices. And that will seamlessly update as soon as you get cell data back.
  3. CB Radio in the jumpseat console

    Mainly for the SSB operation. Legal 12 watts output. (AM hits right about a metered 5) The Uniden also has a reputation for very little frequency drift compared to the other SSB radios out there. Only complaint is that the factory microphone is a little anemic and you'll probably want to swap it out. 4-6 pin adapter is included in the box. Personal bias, I also prefer the way the controls are set up. Fairly easy to find controls by touch when you need to keep your eyes on the road.
  4. CB Radio in the jumpseat console

    Removed the 'not an ashtray' from the lower dash. Put a reinforcing plate (kydex) behind the dash because the plastic is a little flimsy in that section. One screw through an existing hole, one new hole in the dash that won't show if the factory parts are reinstalled. Doing a sandwich of the dash between the radio bracket and the reinforcing plate let me transfer the load to more solid sections of the dash; no radio bounce on rough roads. I used 3/8" kydex because it is easy to cut and can be custom configured with a heat gun. Coax runs under the driver's side rocker covers and carpet out through a new watertight fitting below the cab vent. Mag mount CB antenna is on a steel plate sticking out a little and held by the toolbox mounting bolts. Needed the plate because the bedrail cover is a little thick there for the magnet to get a good grab. The angle of the rail cap at the front lets the antenna peek out from behind the cab a little for better SWR. May end up going to a taller stick there. GMRS antenna is about halfway down the bedrail passenger side with the coax in the channel up under the rail. Went with mag mount antennas so if I want to run the pickup through the car wash I can lay the CB antenna down between the window and the tool box, and mag the GMRS antenna inside the bed upside down under the rail.
  5. Aux switches

    Check the big plug on the back of the upfitter switch bank. If you don't have harness wires in position numbers 10, 11, 12, 13 you will have to add them to the harness. Since I don't have those wires, or the relay circuitry in the underhood box, or the cut pigtails in the underhood harness for upfitter's connections in my 2015, I'm in the process of building my own aux relay box to mount on the second battery tray. That way I only have to add 4 wires to one harness plug and run them to where I want them rather than deal with GM's idea of how things should be done. Seems it would be more cost effective to use one fuse box and harness set for all the trucks in a model series rather than a bunchton of different variants. Probably a bean counter involved somewhere.
  6. Wiring diagram looks like it shows the fuses are on the output side of the upfitter's relays, so no help there without a jumper to bypass where the relay should be, or the Aux switches and install a relay. But... Depending on the year/model, the whole upfitter's add-on provisions may not actually be wired in the fuse box or to the output harness. Just the sockets in the plastic panel where the relays and fuses should go. Use a bright flashlight to look down into the sockets and see if the little metal tabs are there. Or pull the fuse box and look at the underside, but that is a pain. Currently in the process of building a waterproof fuse/relay box that I can mount on the second battery tray to support additional lighting and 2-way radio circuits that are not OEM on my 2015. No telling why GM didn't do a one size fits all electrical system instead of maintaining an inventory of multiple versions of the same fuse box or wiring harness. Would make retrofits a lot easier if everything was plug and play instead of having to rewire and reprogram. UI Bulletin_110j.pdf

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