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  1. Silverado 1500 towing number

    Thanks guys! I'm not planning to drive with a fifthwheel or a gooseneck trailer. If I was, I would have kept my 3/4 ton or my 1ton truck. I was having, lets say, a serious talk with my buddy the other day, and my point was base on the amount of rake I've seen on the HD truck I had in the past loaded with both gooseneck and standart trailer, but I had never actually look in the book ahah....what a surprise for me that was when I looked in the damn book ahah! Thanks again!
  2. Hi everyone! I've been looking for an answer on this site and all over the internet. The question is simple; why, according to the owners guide, towing number for a regular trailer are higher than a gooseneck or fifthwheel trailer? In my mind, towing fifth wheel or gooseneck have less of an impact on the truck. I just want to understand where I'm missing something. Thanks!!
  3. For me, it's been nothing but nokian hakkapeliitta for a couple of years now! Tried a lot of winter tire, from yokohama to toyo to hankook to firestone, but nothing come close to nokian...

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