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  1. I have a 1995 3500Hd - 7.4 454 - I want to put the edelbrock 3764 intake on - The 1995 has the the electrical plug in egr - The intake is for the older 1990 7.4 vacuum egr - Can this be done ?? - By piping in vacuum egr & not using the plug in ?? will it throw code or effect performance - has anyone done this ?? , Thanks , Tim
  2. I like the look of dmax hood & thought it would run better , it ran the same what I stated with stock hood , I guess i be buying 2 optimas - shame on me
  3. Sorry I did not get back to you am sick flu bad - I even replaced mafs then I replaced oem throddle body to jet throddle body - I just cant see where I took away from performance but evident I guess & a whole hell of alot of money I wasted - Yes 2 batteries , snowplow prep package - 410 gear -
  4. When put your foot to the floor you hear it thru the engine compartment like a old worn old 350 with quadrajunk on it from the 1970's bogging out - with both intakes but only after that volt issue - sorry to repeat myself - also dont waste your money with a diablo 8245 tuner all it did was get worse gas mileage on every tune i did even with mpg tune
  5. No - They only drove on 35 mph roads - also I had 2002 6.0 ran great - 2004 6.0 ran great - 2004 8.1 ran - 2005 5.3 ho ran great - 07 6.0 ran great - 2016 6.0 express dually 16' box van ran great - this thing runs like a sick pig
  6. Those are 2 afe system air box is for dmax - airfilter & tube(pipe) for 6.0 & 2 4"90's & sleeve is from spectre to make fit
  7. It did it with flowmaster sytem 2 only after that volt issue at about 1190 - i installed all mods flowmaster air box ,mbrp system & airid spacer right around 280 miles right after i bought it brand new in june 2018 - it ran great
  8. Before I did all this to my 2017 silverado 6.0 dump truck - This had a issue with battery dropping to 11.9 volts - I went to 3 dealerships they all said thats way it charges - well i bought new alt (my dumba$$) - original alt smelled burnt even 1 parts manager at gm said it does smell burnt - Truck is under warranty - it worked stayed at 14+ until engine got hot - then upon acceleration drop to 11.9 ish when you when you let your foot off the gas it jumps up to 14+ & dash lights flicker ??? What the Hell?? - but also after this started to happen I noticed that this truck runs sluggish has no power - oh also check engine light (cant remember code) dealership said that it lean on bank 1& 2 - they cleared code -They said it was from airaid throddle body spacer & flowmaster air box and possibly mbrp exhaust - i drove the truck around about 100 miles with same air box & spacer,exhaust - no check engine light - ran ok but gutless - well I removed spacer - no check engine - kept on flowmaster air box & mbrp exhuast - runs ok but gutless - now I changed hood, air box & put a diablo 8245 tuner - runs gutless - also check pictures out of mbrp stainless exhaust how discolored It is - I talked summit racing & mbrp they all said thats what it does - looks like its a lean issue ?? - can anyone lead me in the right direction & if I did anything to take away performance PLEASE TELL ME - Again This truck ran gutless right after dropping to 11.9 & volts fluctuating around 1190 miles & now you can see in picture I only have 3347 miles - I do also know you can bypass the alt shutting off by putting it into tow/haul mode - I did that & still runs like a turd - AGAIN ANY ADVICE PLEASE ???
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