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  1. Yes some rubbing. I only put a 2” level on it. A 2.5” level would alleviate a lot of it. It’s not bad. Full lock in reverse and if you come into a parking lot apron like maverick and goose buzzing the tower it will make a noise that’s not cool at all
  2. I installed power steps and with this wheel/tire combo, it make the truck look even better
  3. I just put replica OEM 22’s with 285/55 terra grapplers on my ‘18 SLT. The 22’s with these big tires are noticeably heavier than the factory 20’s my truck came with. I’d suggest to anyone doing this upgrade to get a tuner of some sort. It will make up for any lost performance and allows you to calibrate the speedo. I have a Diablo sport loaded with a 93 octane tune and I didn’t feel any drop in performance... and I had the tune loaded in for a month before I put the 22’s on. Ill comment on rubbing. Like others have said they rub in reverse with wheel turned hard. Mostly in the pass side. I was able to pin the Wheel well liner back to get rid of 99% of that. I’ve also found it rubs full lock in drive as well. I felt around in there and the inside of the tire may be kissing the upper control arm. I only have a 2” RC level installed. I already had the truck aligned but regret not doing the 2.5” kit. That might have been enough. However, Its very liveable. I also have a question for guys who run the terra grapplers: what pressure do you run them at? Mine are at 34. The tires are louder than stock tires and I realize that is what it is. I’m wondering if I ran them 2-3psi higher would that help with noise?
  4. True OEM would be GM made wheels with GM part numbers on them. In most cases wheels that came off a GM vehicle or “take offs”. Replicas are copies of the GM wheels. They look the same and have the same dimensions. The replicas I used look to be of good quality and they say they meet DOT specs for safety. As for the actual quality, I can’t say.
  5. Thanks for the reply... on your advice I ordered a similar tool....I know it’s only a few bucks but it just chaps my hind parts that I have to buy a tool for this. On my other gm vehicles over the years it was easy to do without any tool. Also got an early Christmas present. upon removing the cheesy plastic skid plate I discover that I have a nice sized oil leak. Not just seepage... it’s actual drops on the plate and you can see them on the steering as well. This is a 2018 truck with 3100 miles on it. I realize all I need to do is go to the dealer and tell them to make it go away but it’s annoying lol
  6. Does anyone know how to re learn the TPMS? I bought new AC Delco sensors but I’ve read you need a tool for trucks after 2010/11. Was hoping I could use the Diablosport Intune but I didn’t see it in any of the menus
  7. 1st post ever here. I bought a 2018 slt crew over the summer. So far I installed a Dinali grill, leveled it with 2” rough country kit, and installed replica GM 22” wheels with 285/55/22 terra grapplers. Rubs only in reverse at full lock. Very slight and I think it’s on the inside rear of wheel well. There’s a little room to tie that back or maybe hit it with heat gun. Not much room for it to go because there’s metal behind it pretty close. Anyway. I’m so happy with how it looks. I used my diablewsport to calibrate the speedo. It was 4mph slow. Now it reads 2mph fast which I sort of like
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