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  1. No Joy!... disconnected power, removed HMI, reinstalled, still nothing. Think I may just go ahead and order an 8" upgrade with nav and google carplay from infotainment... but almost 2k USD. probably my last in a long line of GM trucks.
  2. Thanks I will totally remove and reinstall the HMI tonight!, will update tomorow! NTG
  3. Hi all, I have read through all relevant posts, checked my circuits 6972 and 6973, fuse F31 DL, replaced the camera twice, inspected ground G325, inspected rear jucntion block X63. all to no avail... my camera still displays black screen on backup. I know that TSB 374018 describes the condition I am experiencing, but I just wanted to know... some people who have described the same issue, and have had it fixed by the dealership; with the dealership explaining that the issue was created by a short. does anyone have any information on where the short most commonly occurs???? just asking because i may order an upgraded, vin programmed HMI module and don't want to buy it and then still not have the camera working. Thanks all for any information that may help me. NTG,
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