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  1. Yes it is 2011 Chevy Tahoe ltz cracked from top of steering column down it as well as other side leading to air bag ... Beyound furious with this hunk of junk, has more issues then my 04 Chevy trailblazer I nickel and dimed to keep alive a few thousand miles per 4 new transmissions! I will never own another garbage Chevy!!! 2011 Tahoe ltz issues other then that... I get a rust inhibitor max car wash few times a week and at least and it's covered front to back in rust bubbles. Moon roof broke. Door handles keep breaking.air ride and shocks we're garbage. Tranny has issues. 4 wheel drives messing up. It hates life switching from 2nd to 3rd in town speeds it will bog n give you crap. The catalytic converter is junk it stinks like rotten eggs. I'm so embarrassed of this hunk of junk.. thats just the start of it...how is Chevy getting away with these over priced death traps...
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