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  1. "in consideration of $ XXXXX paid by General Motors LLC, hereby release(s) and discharge(s) General Motors LLC, General Motors Company, their subsidiaries, their authorized independent dealers, any designers and suppliers of vehicles, parts and components that are distributed by them, and their respective agents and employees (hereinafter referred to as "Releasees") from any and all claims, causes of action, demands, damages, and claims for attorney’s fees and costs which directly or indirectly arise from, are related to, or are in any way associated with the purchase, repair, maintenance, operation, alteration, or use of Releasor(s) 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 bearing Vehicle Identification Number XXXXXX (“Subject Vehicle”), including but not limited to any claims based on any alleged defects in the subject vehicle" So what does this statement mean then?
  2. Naw but your wife wrote this document up for me so its creditable right? Take your whitty comments elsewhere but in the meantime Ill be laughing my way to the bank with a nice check... Peace out bro
  3. It's 2019, anything can happen. Whether or not you believe that GM paid me out, is on you. But I've given the document where it states that and that's about all I can do at this point.
  4. Not paranoid, it's just no one needs to know my full name on his form. This is between me and GM. Not me and the whole GM Trucks form. 8 grand? Those are rookie numbers bud, bump that up a couple grand.. LOL
  5. In the offer letter they have GM's logo in there. But the release document does not have a letter head which was surprising to me as well, but this document has all the information that everyone wanted so that is what I provided.
  6. Consider this my last attempt to please everyone saying this is isn't happening or simply isn't true because "GM would never so such a thing".. Well there's your evidence folks. If you are going to continue to say anything negative about this situation I will ignore you but if anyone else has questions please feel free to reach out to me and I will happily answer them.
  7. Idk what happened to the first post, nor do I know how to delete post's on this form. But I have attached the release of claim letter. Release of Claim Part 1.pdf Release of Claim part 2.pdf
  8. Because what I am going to post states everything that everyone wants to know and a picture of the check is overkill. Take the letter for what it is and the rest is on you.
  9. I received the letter today so I will posting that since it talks about everything. I will NOT be posting a picture of the check. Hopefully that pleases all of you non-believers. Will upload it later..
  10. I guess what I would have to say to you would be, this isn't going through a dealership lol.. It's GM legal people dealing with this and my legal team. I'm not too sure where the "I have decades of working in dealerships" has anything to do with this? Liability holes, thats where my lawyer comes into play to make sure there isn't on my side and if there is there would be a problem. So let me know if you have any legal experience when dealing with this type of issue, if not kinda hard for your "experience" to be useful here
  11. It's resolved by a settlement check. Still has the same issue, but once I obtain the check I will be getting rid of the truck and getting something else.
  12. Hahaha damn you really feel pretty strong about this topic? Must have spent your entire friday night thinking about what to say to me lmao. I have no reason to lie or misinform people on this thread. Once I get the letter I will happily post it just so you can "sleep better" since you probably didn't sleep a full 8 hours since you were trying to type this whole paragraph out late at night
  13. 20% which ain't bad. At the end it was worth it to get this whole thing resolved.
  14. Lmao I will not be posted a picture of my check. Whether you believe me or not that on you, just wanted to inform people that I did get the issue resolved. I already asked my lawyer and nothing happens to my current status of my truck. Idk why that would even label it as salvage? Doesn't even make sense.. I'm good that's what I do know, I am just waiting on the document from GM to sign and you best believe that I am going to look heavily into that.
  15. I've just started to look into it, but I will do plenty of research on it that's a given. Who knows what Ill end up with.. I'm all over the place atm
  16. To be honest, I'm going to sell it to a dealership so its on them at that point. I wouldn't sell it to anyone via a private party cause I wouldn't feel good giving that truck to anyone else cause they will have the same exact problem I am having now with no ways to resolve it. Whatever dealership gets it at that point, is their issue not mine anymore.
  17. To be honest, I'm not sure but its not considered a lemon at this point cause it never actually went to court.. So I would think that it won't show anything on a car fax?
  18. Update: So I have decided to take the settlement check that GM has offered me and let me tell you I am surprised with how much money they are giving me. I could have actually gone to court and that would have deemed my truck as a lemon if I went that route but I decided just to take the offer so I dont't prolong the process any more that its already taken to figure this out. They are letting me keep the truck and going to honor the warranty on it which is good for me until I sell it. I can't wait to get the check so I can trade it in and get something else. To everyone that said "GM won't give you a dime for a rattle", Ill take this as a win in my book. I have been looking at the Ram 1500 Eco-Diesel but still not too sure what I want. Cheers y'all!
  19. So a little update.. Got the lemon lawyer involved and right now GM is trying to pay me a settlement check just to drop the case apparently, they have offered me 8k and 9k to not file the actual law suit against them. I am waiting to hear back the final number from GM to make my decision whether or not to file the case or not. If they offer me the right number, I will most likely take it and just sell the truck and get something else.. which I have no idea what I would get. But I do want another truck, just don't know the brand yet.. I am afraid to get a Chevy because basically they are the same truck. Or get another GM and run into the same problem which I am having now. Will keep you guys posted as this ages.
  20. Yeah I can see that's the case here.. I mean its a pretty obvious sound and hear it every time I drive my truck so its kind of hard to believe that they don't hear it. I have gone through the hoops with GM and not doing that ever again cause it was basically 4 months of pointless work. But mine isn't a "truck rattle" I get that trucks have rattles and stuff but this isn't the case whatsoever. Hopefully it gets resolved.
  21. I have all the documentation from the dealers so I'm not worried about that. We will see where it goes, but hoping for the best at this point.
  22. Well Ill let you know what happens. Can't score if you don't shoot.
  23. It sound doesn't happen when I turn my wheel unfortunately... so that can't be it
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