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  1. I have an 88 k1500 Chevy as well as a 93 k2500 Chevy same wiring. I've got the rear speakers and pulled all of the wiring. If you only want the stock speakers I can send you just the wireing harness, or harness and speakers, even radio and cassette deck. If you will pay just shipping you can have it all. Also if you Google the brand of radio that was installed in your truck you should be able to find the proper wiring diagram.
  2. Thanks for the kick-start. I had to think about this for a while to get my brain to wake up and come out of the fog. The ECM that I already have for the 93 diesel should do just what I need. It is the same one that WAS paired with this transmission. Because my 400 is a gas engine with an HEI the TPS that I got from Holley should provide all that the ECM needs to make the 4l80e work.
  3. The tranny is a 93, But I'm pretty sure it has the newer style connecter. I have the ECM from that truck and wiring harness. I was initially hesitant to use that ECM because the 96 has ABS brakes and I was worried it might not function properly. However I have learned that the brakes have their own computer. I'm not sure if the one I have will work as it was for a 6.5 diesel, with manual throttle. All is not lost I know where I can find a variety or computers, if need be.
  4. I'm doing a rather unconventional swap. Putting my SBC 400 and a 93 4l80e into a 96 k2500 rolling chassis. The chassis originally had a 6.5 diesel. The guy that pulled the engine chopped the wiring harness to pieces. OK here it is, the truck had an electronic throttle nine wires. I need to wire in my three wire TPS to the PCM, IF POSSIBLE! My fear is that I'm screwed and that there is no way to accomplish this without spending seven or eight hundred dollars, That I don't have! I'm also still struggling with some of the wiring from the transmission. I finally found decent understandable wiring diagrams at Mitchell manuals. Even they do not show the second Transmission Speed Sensor, nothing and nobody, that I've found does! At this point I'm five wires short of getting this beast on the road. I've been driving myself crazy on this for nearly five months now, and I want my truck back (for the first time, sort of) Any help would be much appreciated, Thank You!
  5. Thank You! Mikebtte, mine does have the newer style plug, so that's a good thing. I've tried the autozone site, unfortunately I was unable to figure out how to find what I need. I have a reliable diagram of the wire coming out of the trans. What I have been woefully unsuccessful at is finding a reliable diagram of the wires coming out of the ecm as well as out of the firewall.
  6. I have a 96 k2500, it had a diesel and a 4l80e. Transplanting my SBC 400 with tps and a 93 4l80, I have the pigtail for the 93 4l80e, naively I thought the wires would match up No problem, NOT SO GM changed all of the wire colors plus I can't find any reliable wireing diagrams to save my soul. Can ANYBODY help, or even just tell me if I'm doomed to failure?
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