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  1. Yessir, i've stumbled on to the partial fix some folks are talking about with shimming the pedal or replacing it with a different PN. Thanks for the input. I find the noise to be irritating outside the truck, thankfully I dont hear it inside, its dead quiet in the cab, the wife loves how it sails down the road. Guess its something i'll just have to get used to. Thanks again.
  2. Good morning! I hate to be the guy that reopens an old thread on their 1st post...buuuut.. I just picked up a 2014 LTZ Z71 with 46000 miles on for what i thought was a pretty damn good deal, I was super picky about the test drive and didnt find anything about this truck i found alarming in any way, the thing is immaculate inside and out. LSS. Got the truck home, it sat for a day before I started it, and holy crap! What the hell is that ticking sound? How the heck did I miss that on the test drive/walk around is beyond me. Took it back to the GM dealer and they said, its normal. Well, holy god is that annoying, if i was able to hear that inside the cabin i'd be super pissed having to listen to it. Has anyone discovered a cure for this yet, or is it truly "new technology"(the weak acceleration is a whole different subject) and I'll have to adjust and deal with it. Thanks again!
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