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  1. 2009 Silverado No Backup Lights

    I'm glad I found this thread. I was convinced the de-commissioning process for my PPV disabled the reverse lights. I had none at all, then one day the were on continuously. I replace the underhood fuse block, which replaced the reverse relay too. That did the trick. GM calls it a "junction block" GM 22798217 Engine Wiring Harness Junction Block
  2. Build Sheets requests

    I'll admit I was skeptical of the email route. I received a response pretty quickly. The build sheet answered my questions about a few RPO codes I couldn't find. They were basically related to fleet ordering. The sheet even has the build date.
  3. This is a list I found. Enlightening. http://d354nuoz4t18d4.cloudfront.net/b0a0b93e061c59a634fb0e1a49af89e6/images/custom/rpoCodes.pdf
  4. I just did this on a 2011 PPV, the trailer hot was right there coiled and taped. I didn't look very hard for the brake lead, but don't need it for a light teardrop.
  5. Convert a 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV to a civilian

    Why? I bought mine exactly for it's utility. The slot car cornering was a bonus.
  6. Just what I needed. Thanks Guys.
  7. Cool find. They look similar, but not identical to, the 17s on my PPV.

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