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  1. I'm located in Canada, perhaps the Canadian PDC's had stock and the US is out of stock?
  2. Truck is back and working for now.. they replaced the transfer case range position sensor... truck threw both C15A9 5A and C11AD 08 codes at them
  3. Sensors came in and they are currently installing them... hopefully thats the fix.....
  4. So i've contacted the dealer and they are have ordered the sensors and expect them in 3-5 days (highly doubt this will happen). I've also reached out to GM customer care and im trying to work something out with them. I'm tired of all the headache of this truck. Are the 20's and better? does anyone have any tips for dealing with them?
  5. Hey Guys, Had the same issue you guys have been reporting, but with a slightly different twist. When I start my truck it gave me the service 4wd message and the 4wd indicator on the dash went yellow. Parking brake engaged. Brought it to the dealer today and the code came back as Transfer Case Control Module C15A9 5A - Range Actuator Position Sensor and Transfer Case Range Position Sensor Not Plausible. They "Fixed It" by reprogramming the TCCM. Less than 12 hours later it reoccured. Is there a fix, and if so what is it???
  6. Stopped by the dealer this morning. They have a bulletin that came out yesterday saying to not use the app as apparently that can trigger these issues. Leaving It with them for the week while I’m away on vacation...If these issues persist I’ll be looking for my 3rd new truck in as many years, and it will not be a GM. Truck only has 18000 KM on it...I’ve had it in for some warranty work on a monthly basis it seems. This is getting old.
  7. Well like the rest of you’ve i have now experienced all three phases of this issue.. tonight was the icing on the cake when I fired my truck up to go home from work and it had no brakes. GM will be getting more than an earful from me tomorrow on this major issue.
  8. Anyone in MI or Ontario have a set of take offs? Looking to add some to my 19 crew cab
  9. Havent experienced this issue yet, but just got back with a fresh infotainment update. Tech told me it came out early this week. Hoping it fixes the issue where it plays radio audio overtop of phone audio...
  10. For those of you that haven't worked in the auto industry this is done due to cycle times and process load. A custom is a "low option" vehicle and requires less work to be done in the cycle. The Denali requires more. By mixing high and low option they can get the most amount of cars per shift. A group of denali's would cause significant issues for the assembly shop as people would not be able to keep up.
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