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  1. Hi All, Mud is getting past my OE mud flaps and causing some rash on my truck's paint finish. I have 35x12.50x18 tires on the truck with a lift obviously. Do I need 14" mud flaps for that sized tire? It seems if it's 12.5" wide I should have wider than that. I heard mixed reviews on Husky flaps... I don't know much more about any other. Thanks for your opinions! Beefey
  2. They are dorman bolts and they are of correct length and thread. Yes the only work they did was manifold "bolt" actually. I couldn't get the last one out.
  3. Has anyone ever had GM cover something that is borderline like this? I think the warranty is 60k miles or 5 years. It is a 2013.5 so its been like 6 years and they are under no obligation... Does GM ever cost share in these sort of instances? The shop quoted me $2000 labor + $3200 for a new long block installed. $5200 total. ?
  4. I feel like running it could lead to catastrophic failure given it's so bad. Is that unfounded?
  5. 55K Miles-- I bought the truck at 35K Miles and changed with the ECM meter with mobile one 5w30.
  6. That's a great insight. That could have happened. I don't see any obvious water contamination but it is probably pretty difficult without an oil analysis. The truck literally came back from the mechanic earlier today and has only had 25 miles on it since the service. Could coolant in the oil shell out a rod bearing that fast? The coolant expansion tank is not black by any means... It never made any noise really at all until this service was performed at the mechanic.
  7. Hi Guys-- I just got my truck back from a local mechanic to fix a broken exhaust manifold bolt (photo attached). Tonight I start up my truck and hear THIS! Could he have put too much heat on the block and distorted a push rod guide or something? Doesn't it seem too coincidental that this nasty noise pops up RIGHT when he touches it? Thanks much for your help!
  8. So what is the biggest you can go on the stock wheel? I think the stock wheel is an 8"...
  9. Hi all, I just bought a new truck but the tires were shot. I looked at the tires and they are 35x12.5x18 with the stock GM rims. I called Discount Tire and they said they won't put these tires on these rims... What gives? Did the previous owner put the wrong tires on these rims? Is it unsafe? Thank you, Scott
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