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  1. I agree, the reason I will never use them again. They just kept saying something "impacted" the bottom left corner.
  2. I looked in to the insurance route, $500 deductible, in the end wasn't worth taking the hit on my insurance record over $700.00
  3. In the end no help from the dealer. Glass guy said it looked like something burned but the wiring looked fine. It cost me about $1200 ($900 for the window and $300 to my Chevy dealer for "diagnosis labor"). Showed them this and other posts but they didn't seem to care and said they've never seen this. I've bought 3 new Chevy trucks over the years from them. Pretty sure this is the last one. I did file the NHST complaint, not sure it will help. Also the dealer left my backseat out to "make things easier for the glass installer" however the glass installer did not need it out so got stuck putting it back in myself. Not a fun by yourself lol.
  4. Just picked mine up. Again they stated they did not find any evidence of anything. However I did find this: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I asked them to leave the back seat out so I can look myself. We got snowed in pretty good here so not picking it up until tomorrow. I’ll definitely be taking a look. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. [emoji23] good one. My wife is pissed. Feels like they are saying she's lying. I've bought 3 new Chevy trucks from this dealer. She holds a grudge. Don't think we are buying from them again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Finally heard back late Friday, no evidence of smoke or any other damage but found a "point of impact" on the glass. Picking it up tomorrow and will just take it to a glass place myself. Thinking about pulling the seat and looking myself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I have not approved the window replacement yet, waiting to see what they find in regards to the defroster etc. I had not thought about the insurance angle. I may look in to it. Thanks!
  9. I wish I would have seen this yesterday... Just found this after getting a call from my dealer this morning saying they can't find anything so decided to do my own research. Yesterday my wife was driving our 2015 Silverado when she smelled something burning then suddenly heard a loud pop. She thought the truck caught on fire then realized the back drivers side glass had shattered. Of course my first mistake was taking it straight to the dealer. They just called to say they found no evidence of any electrical fire ( I could smell it yesterday when I dropped it off) and can see a point of impact on the glass.( BTW they want $1400 to replace the glass!?!) After reading this I asked them to pull the back seat and check the defroster and wiring etc. (of course for an extra $250). We will see what they come back with. Wish I would have known to contact a GM service Rep first
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