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  1. as always, i appreciate the assistance. hopefully this weekend i can do some more testing. i will grab my meter and start taking readings. btw, 1 remote to lock 4 vehicles, thats ingenious. coincidentally, i was able to find a brand new copy of the alarm that was originally installed in the truck. so will also try this to see if it makes a difference.
  2. really appreciate your assistance. 2 transmitters and both worked prior to it being stolen, then upon recovery neither never worked. do you happen to know which wire is the signal wire from the pdm to bcm and what the voltage would be if it was sending a signal?
  3. Yup done that many times. Even tried hold remote buttons down til the auto programming sequence reset at a about 3 min and 55 sec.
  4. Appreciate the reply, that clears up a lot of misinformation being posted out there. Yes, both the window & lock switches for the front passenger door work.
  5. Hi and thanks in advance for taking the time to review this post. Vehicle: 03 Avalanche 8.1L Issue: truck was stolen/recovered and now remote door locks/panic button (RDL) do not work Overview: * p. locks themselves work (RDL do not) * upon inspection, the aftermarket security brain was taken (lol) as were both roof antenna’s (gps, onstar, sat radio) * confirmed all wires to/from brain are spliced (not cut) into avy system, so all circuits are in tact * key fob batteries are good * tried reprogramming key fobs – no go * disconnected battery for several hrs, tried to program key fobs again – no go * all fuses and relays seem to work So from the reading I have done it seems the roof antenna’s have nothing to do with the remote locks, correct? So, if this is true and no wires are cut or rerouted from the install of security brain and the key fobs work, why can I not reprogram the key fobs? Oh, and if not, which antenna needs to be replaced? Any suggestions to get RDL working again are appreciated? p.s. apologies if this under the wrong subject

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