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  1. Thanks for the help LOL! Problem is still there, however mileage is at 13.8 on the dash so I guess we're getting there. Had to rescue a powerstroke boom truck in west Texas Earlier today after his rear grenaded on an incline. My math is bad, but rig/trailer was definitely above Legal limit and the first 9 miles were all loose gravel. She kept hesitating, but I just stuck with the abuse. These 6 liters don't like WOT it seems( Maybe it's the tranny) ....but I'm pretty damn proud. Made 3 months of payments & a new fan for 6 hours of hell 2600 Miles, 43 hours and counting. I will say this truck drives better with a Trailer behind it.... GM definitely made these things for hauling.
  2. Hey guys. Bought a 2019 2500hd 6;iter. So far so good, but it has been bogging down during light acceleration since new. At 660 miles right now. 70/30 highway city Usually only does this under 60 mph, but as soon as it starts losing power I smell raw gas. Dealer is saying "new engine" blues but this is a first? The MPG's definitely are off. The gauge is saying 12.9 right now. But closer to 10 hand calculated. Do these computers really take this long to learn? I have been stuck getting groceries, but about to do our first 1500 mile trip and slightly worried about this. Also curious about average Transmission temp??? I have not seen mine go past 135 under full throttle. Will be pulling 10k entire way back home.
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