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  1. It has projector housings. I didn't get a pic of it but the cutoff line is super sharp and clean
  2. The Sierra's with projector lights like mine don't have a separate high and low beam. When you turn on the highs a solenoid opens a shutter to create the high beam pattern. Flashing the highs won't affect the HIDs at all.
  3. Just installed a Morimoto HID kit in my 2014 Sierra SLT from The Retrofit Source. It's amazing how much of a difference these lights make. Install was super easy too. Hands down the best upgrade you can do. 04A1962D-86D7-4B40-8962-FECE6B8DE0FD.MP4
  4. I just purchased a 2014 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 that was made in 2013. I’ve been looking at the forums and people say the SLT’s came with different headlights than the other lower trim levels. Is my truck actually an SLT or did the early 2014 models not get the upgraded lights?
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