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  1. Hi All, I appreciate the feedback (even the criticism). As some of you pointed out, this was somewhat of a knee jerk cry for help, having just been handed a $11k repair bill just a few weeks before Christmas. However, what I am really looking for is feedback based on people’s experiences with the same issue. if someone could tell me “I had a this problem and got the lifter replaced at an independent shop and it cost me $x” or, “the typical cost for a complete engine replacement is $x” this will at least give me some information to work with. I’m sure some will say that I should just go into a repair shop and get these estimates myself however, the vehicle is still with the dealer (going through the slow process of seeing if GM will provide any kind of goodwill assistance) and no mechanic will give me an estimate of the repair cost without inspecting the vehicle first (rightfully so). I am also reluctant to drive it any more than I have to, so having some ballpark pricing would be useful. Pre-warned is pre-armed. As an update, the dealer is saying that the cam is also worn (hence why they want to do a whole engine replacement) however, having not stripped the engine down, I don’t know how they can say this. Maybe someone can correct me? GM are saying that they MAY be able to offer some assistance however, I have to pay for a complete tear down at a cost of $2k before they will give a final decision. Crazy! Am some of you suggested, I am tempted to do it myself although my mechanical expertise only goes as far as changing my own oil and filters. I have done a reasonable amount of research on how to do this, but if anyone has any videos/guide they recommend, then I would be grateful for the links. Thanks again
  2. Hi all, A few weeks ago I got a misfire on my 2016 Silverado, 5.3 V8, 65,000 miles. Chevrolet has diagnosed it as a lifter failure on cylinder 6 (lifter stuck in bore). They have quoted me $11k for a new engine! When I asked why they can’t just replace the lifter, they said that that wasn’t an option. My usual independent mechanic doesn’t won’t to touch it as he fears there will be subsequent issues with the computer/AFM system. He also isn’t able to source a new engine for me as his supplier doesn’t have any available. I’m stuck on what to do, I do not want to pay $11k for a new engine and would much rather just replace the lifter. I was already planning on selling the vehicle before this happened so just want to get it fixed up and sold/traded. Does anyone have any advice on what my next steps should be, or have a recommendation for a mechanic in mid-Tennessee that could do the work? Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you
  3. I have a 2016 Silverado 1500 with the 5.3l V8, 64,000 miles. A week ago I got a check engine light and misfire. I took it to my trusted mechanic and they identified that it was a cylinder 6 misfire and that there was no compression in the cylinder. They identified that it was an issue with/caused by the AFM and suggested I take it to a Chevy dealer to see what they say before deciding on any further action. The dealer has so far took 3 days to tell me that’s it’s misfiring on cylinder 6. They’re exact words were “we don’t know what the cause is but we think you need a new engine”. I’m not mechanically minded but from what I’ve found online it sounds like a lifter failure. What is the most cost effective way to fix this issue? Do I really need a whole new engine or can I just get the cylinder or lifter replaced? Thank you!
  4. Unfortunately the truck was not CPO otherwise I would definitely claim on the extended warranty. I went to pick up the truck from the dealership's service center last night and explained how disappointed I was that they wouldn't cover the repair. They're answer was that there was nothing they could do and when I asked to speak to the customer service manager, the guy I was refereed to simply suggested that I go and quickly purchase an extended warranty. Way to have confidence in your brand Chevy! I have spoken to GM's customer service center who said they would elevate it to a senior advisor and that I should be contacted within 3 business days. Unsure of whether I should try my luck at another dealer in the meantime?
  5. Hi All, I recently purchased a 2016 Silverado which as of today has 36157 miles on the clock and just yesterday developed a problem with the left side cooled seat. When the cooled seat function is turned on, the blower motor is particularly loud (far louder than the drivers seat) and makes a whirring/grinding sound. I took into my local dealer today and they rang me back 5 hours later to say that it was a fault with the blower motor in the seat and that they would not fix it under warranty, they would however do it at a discounted price of $525 plus tax. Now I understand that technically the bumper to bumper warranty has expired however, as a first time chevy customer, I am very disappointed that the fault will not be fixed as a gesture of goodwill noting that the vehicle is only 150 miles over warranty. Please, does anyone have any advice on how to (a) pursue this further with Chevrolet or (b) provide guidance on how I may resolve the problem myself. Thank you so much!
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