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  1. Im not having any issues but my warranty is up and better fuel mileage and more HP are what i am looking for. Im not saying I am rich but i am not worried about the $$ To quote Mottballa74 from the link you posted EXSlider400, "Some people say its not worth the money but for the power these trucks make vs what it will cost to make an LML comparable to an L5P I've read it is almost the same or more to make an LML comparable to a deleted L5P." I researched and know what I want but I don't know anyone around the area that can install it. I work all over the country and I am currently in Mississippi and I don't know any reputable diesel mechanics other than a google search but I'm looking for a vouch if possible.
  2. I am currently looking for a mechanic/shop that will fully delete a 2017 Chevrolet 2500HD (L5P), hopefully around the Mississippi/ Louisiana area. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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