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  1. Custom or RST

    Just tested one yesterday. Incentives seemed standard for these trucks but the trade in was too low for me, may have to sell my current truck on my own, I did look at the custom interior and that would be a step down from my 06 F150. Thanks for all the replies!
  2. 2.7 Turbo 4 Fan Club

    So are you folks who own the 2.7 seeing much better mileage than the V8? It’s really hard to find actual numbers, presumably due to all the variables. I test drove a 2.7 yesterday and I like it, plenty of power for me. However, there are far fewer available in my market, the one I drove was 48k, got down to 39k after supplier and rebates but they wouldn’t budge on my trade. Going with the V8 would offer a lot more opportunity to go to more dealers. Wondering if the 2.7 gas savings is worth it?
  3. Custom or RST

    Thanks! I didn’t realize the interior was that stripped down. The exterior looks pretty good for the price though.
  4. Hi folks, registered to ask the experts this question. I’m looking to upgrade my truck. I do not need a V8 as I never tow. I do need a full size because of hauling my family and stuff for my wife’s business, definitely can not afford above an SLE Sierra or an RST Silverado. Im intrigued by the 2.7L turbo engine, but hate the chrome on the LT. That puts me into a custom or an RST, I honestly like the look of both. Or into a base Sierra vs SLE Sierra. Pricing seems to be about $41k for a 4.3L V6 custom/Sierra crew and $48k for a 2.7L V4 RST/SLE crew. Slight differences between the GMC or Chevy variants. If MPG and reliability are the most important, which would you go for and why? Further review, Sierra may be out as there are no base models, or 2.7L turbo models within 400 miles of me, V8 only available.

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