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  1. Hi... im in need of the spring arm assembly from a monroe hauler air suspension. Having some trouble locating one.. yes I've called monroe. Yes I've called some junk yards. YES I GOT RIPPED OFF FROM A GUY A DAY BEFORE X MAS SAYING HE HAD 2 OF THEM. YES IM AN IDIOT. I'm giving this one last try before I go ahead and make it 4 link.. she needs to get back on the road asap. Love Ed
  2. Negative on monroe .. called them said they ha wnt seen the part in 10 years lol.. so I asked where they got the springs from they told me and I called them ..they said they havent seen the parting 8 years hahaha. But yes it has the monroe hauler package .. truride system .. air rear. Cab.and seats n such
  3. Thanks for the reply sir.. I've called every where from monroe hauler to junkyards.. was hoping someone on here had one laying around or knew of a wrecked truck with the spring on it.. I'll try that Hendrix though.. is it Hendrix suspension or?
  4. Hi guys.. any one have a spare spring arm assembly for a c4500 4x4 ? Cant find one any where .. need one asap.
  5. Hey guys ..new to the forum.. I've exhausted just about every option I know of to find a new spring for my 07 kodiak 4x4 with the monroe hauler airbag package. Aka truride. I need a new spring arm assembly.. part # 00108307 mine broke... Ive called junk yards and everything .I've called gm..ive called monroe. Etc etc.. tried to have 1 made no luck.. any help would be appreciated Ed
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