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  1. Transmission flush question.

    I wonder if I can rid of the thermostat on an 8l90 like some of those vids on the 6l80?
  2. Oh right on. I must of read the paper wrong. I had a 1/16" space on mine so I figured I'd seal er off anyways.
  3. Looked like on the instructions to line the tail gate with piece of foam and I thought "that tail gate won't open with the pressure on it like that" so I just left it off and started thinking of something to replace it with and trimmed down a garage door rubber piece. Maybe I didn't have to ha. She's water tight though and looks nice.
  4. I purchased the same one and very pleased with it. I left that foam piece off the tailgate though and thinned down a piece of garage door trim instead and stuck it to the underside of the back edge of the cover, worked out great.
  5. Catch can question.

    Got er installed, found a place to strap it. It actually turned out better than I could of hoped for. Only concern I have now is a hissing sound that sounds like it's coming from inside the can itself, air blowing by the steel wool that's inside I'm assuming. Must be part of normal operation? Just strange how I'd be able to hear it. Seems like connections are good and felt around everything with no change in the hissing sound so whatever I guess.
  6. Catch can question.

    Right on. I'll have to do some more digging around with this, thanks for the info man.
  7. Catch can question.

    Little skimpy on the room under the hood on this truck, curious on some mounting ideas. I was looking at pulling off the black trim up by the windshield just so MAYBE I can get a nut on the back of a bolt or something which would put the can just behind the engine oil fill-up, she's tight. I'll assume the less length hose the better...
  8. Anyone install the E2 catch can on their '19 Chev 5.3 LT yet?
  9. Transmission flush question.

    No dipstick on this rig. I'll have to look into this more. I just want to be sure of things.
  10. I also found that when I first got on the go for the day and let the rpm's settle down she would shift a little jumpy when pulling out. Now I let her warm up REAL GOOD before gettin on the go it doesn't happen.
  11. It seems like my 8 speed is becoming smoother the more I drive it, 1000 miles on it now. I can barely notice the 2-1 downshift when approaching a stop, unlike before it was really concerning to me. I also found she would engage drive from park in a very harsh way as well which I solved by applying the park brake. It's frig all of a slant I park on as well but it solved it. Now I'm happy with this ride, finally. I'm thinking about throwing some amsoil tranny fluid in her just for the frig of it since it turned my '15 sierra into butter.
  12. Anyone know what pressure is used when a transmission is flushed with that flushing rig at the shops? Hook up points? Anyone rig up something at home that works just as well? Proper procedure, tips? Thanks.
  13. Grounding post question.

    That's just a piece of metal shaving from the top or water drop. No set screw.
  14. 2019 T1 8 speed Shifting

    I find that the rough downshift 2-1 is more apparent when having to stop while going down a slight hill and breaking lightly.
  15. Grounding post question.

    Looks like a compression fit to me but am not 100% sure.

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