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  1. Good day, I have a 2009 Gmc 2500 Crew Cab Long Box. I recently bought my self a 3 inch rough country lift, along with some stampede fender flares that give me 2 inch wheel coverage (also to cover up some rust on the truck box). Just wanting to see some pictures of your guys trucks. if anyone is running something close to what i am trying to picture. if you got some pictures please share. if you can include you rim/tire specs for me as well that would be awesome so when i start shopping around i know what i am looking for.
  2. Looking at buying some new rims / tires. Current: 265/75R16. With new rims looking at 16/17”. My question is what is the biggest/more aggressive tire I can fit on my 2009 GMC Sierra 2500, without putting a lift in. Curious if anyone has any answers or what you are running?
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