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  1. Are your tires 12.5 wide? And okay. I’ll have look after work watch the video. I am looking at 33. 12.5 wide R20
  2. I dint have the wheels yet I’m just looking at them right now doing research before I purchase them
  3. Yea I kinda know it’s gonna rub. Even tho buddy says it doesn’t rub. I guess my question is more so what mods do I need to do in order to avoid most rubbing? It’s a 12.5 inches wide
  4. Looking at a sweet deal on a set of 33 x 12.5 x 20 -43 offset I currently have a 2.5inch touch country levelling kit on the front and stock block on the back. Is is there a lot of rubbing? What other mods might I have to do in order to run these wheels and tire setup? Thanks all in advance.
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