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  1. It is very misleading. Not that the blinking check engine light and the beep aren't already alarming but the others going as well are enough to make you panic the first time it happens. So far they just show a message saying "Stabliltrak: On" and "Traction Control: On" after it starts working again.
  2. After the most recent rain incident I taped up all 4 of the O2 sensor connectors and used some heat shielding tape over top of the #1 bank 1 sensor wires that are located right above the header. After that I took it over to the local car wash and got the $15 "ultimate triple underbody wash" to test it out. Made it through without an issue and ran great after. I am not sure how it was causing it but I believe it was O2 connectors getting wet that was causing the engine misfires. Time will tell for sure but I believe for now problem is solved. Will keep posted if anymore issues. Thank you to everybody who helped.
  3. Well, after several days no lights and no problems i was riding home in a downpour yesterday and all the craziness started happening again. Same traction control and stabilitrak lights, same blinking check engine light, same misfires. I limped home and parked it in the garage this time pretty sure its water related. Sure enough woke up today and started it up running perfectly and no lights. Was still getting codes for the same O2 sensor i already replaced so im going to water and heat seal the connectors then take it through the car wash. If it happens again ill try spraying a little water around cylinder #6 (where the misfires seem to be happening) and see if its sucking water in somehow.
  4. So i went to Walmart Friday to pick some of this stuff up. As soon as i saw it i recognized it. This is the stuff i bought buy one get one at the auto store. I ended up getting some Lucas brand deep clean fuel system cleaner.
  5. I I just replaced plugs and wires after the problem started last week. Since then, I am reading a lot of people online saying they can't run anything but AC Delco on their GM's because they get misfire's and unsteady idle. This has me considering replacing them again but with AC Delco this time. I don't recall which plugs I bought but they were the more expensive ones at Oreilly. It is definitely running better than when the problem first started though. At first it was misfiring to the point I though I was going to nuke it if i drove it and check engine light was flashing along with stablilitrack and traction control lights on. I was able to get it smoothed out and check engine cleared for a few days but now check engine is back but solid instead of blinking, and still running much better with a slightly noticeable misfire at low rpm's.
  6. Gotcha. So no emergency? I was just worried about causing damage by running it with misfires. If it is not an emergency I can give it another week and another fresh tank of gas with some different fuel system cleaner.
  7. So after a few days of no lights and smooth running truck, i was on the highway on my way home yesterday and the check engine light came back on. Low speeds seems again to have a surge like a possible misfire. I got the codes checked again at AutoZone today on my way home and sure enough cylinder 6 is throwing a P0306 code and suggests "Replace valve springs". Is this diagnostic tool just throwing out idea's or is it reading something in the system that is diagnosing the valve spring specifically. Thinking i might replace the fuel injector regardless (cheap and relatively simple) and go from there. Also getting O2 sensor P015B codes for the Sensor 1 Bank 1 sensor that i just replaced. Does this mean plugged cat due to a possible history of misfires?
  8. Will be doing this tomorrow for sure. weather should be clear and i have the day off work
  9. I am able to redline when i get on it. I also inspected the ground wires and they looked pretty clean and they were tight. I did not yet but i intend to unhook them and clean everything with a wire brush and reinstall with some dielectric grease. It has been crappy raining all week so i did not get to the car wash to spray underneath yet but should be able to get that done tomorrow. Thank you for your help.
  10. How do I check the catalytic converter? Is it something that can be cleaned or does it have to be replaced once it's plugged? Since I replaced the 02 sensor (Sensor 1 Bank 1) the check engine light has gone away and code cleared. I would still like to check it out if needed though.
  11. I will do that tonight. Thank You
  12. This is what is leaving me confused. If its the fuel injector's and the cleaner initially "broke something loose" then maybe started clearing it out after a few rides (not sure that's how the stuff works). If it was that the car wash getting something wet, I had no idea what could have gotten wet to cause this. I did not know a ground could so I will definitely dig into it after work today and clean and tighten up connections. Thank You
  13. I will do that after I run this tank out (shouldn't take long ;) ) Thank You
  14. Will do. Thank You. I am dreading the next car wash but you are right.
  15. Any recommendations on injection cleaner? Worked at Jiffy Lube several years ago and we did an IV type system. Is that necessary or better than the in tank style? Do they actually clean them well or is it still going to be necessary to change them? Thanks
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