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  1. This is what i'm afraid of. I don't know the difference. The picture with the rims on the truck, it looks like that truck has the new calipers. I can always test fit before purchase also.
  2. I'm trying to find a set of o.e.m rims to mount some studded winter tires on. I understand that the 2019's have larger calipers, and earlier rims will not clear. What about other 2019 silverado, or at4 wheels? I've attached pics of 2 sets I have found local. Unfortunately, I only need the rims, and these are rim tire combos.
  3. That’s why I said, “last time I checked” it must be newish to them. yes, those numbers are the posted octane numbers. Ask any local tuner, they will recommend husky 94 for best AKI, or shell 91 for lack of ethanol.
  4. PON in North America is R+M/2 PON=posted octane number R=Research Octane M=Motor Octane i just googled it, compression is 11.5:1 on the 6.2L, so, some decent octane is required.
  5. I'm surprised 93 is recommended in a N/A motor. What is this motors compression ratio? if under 10.5:1 I'm sure 87 is fine. As for Alberta gas, i'm pretty experienced on it, my turbo car hates our gas and altitude. husky 94=highest octane Petro 94=decent octane, winter formula is garbage shell 91= lower octane, but zero ethanol=better mpg's Costco Premium is the same as shell 91, just a little cheaper. esso+mobile=the worst. low octane, and high ethanol last I checked. They opened a Chevron here in Edmonton, it doesn't have 94 yet, but, they claim it will, but I have not read great things about Chevron 94 octane quality.
  6. I just bought some for my 19 TB. Anybody spraying any rust inhibitor prior? I'm going to.
  7. Thanks, I'll have to find my way over to the classifieds on this forum. Keep an eye out for me. Edmonton. Winters here are HARSH. Originally from Niagara Falls. That's like Canada's Florida.
  8. Thanks, they won't ship to Canada. And it seems they have roof rack accessories, not an actual rack. Thanks, I will look into this.
  9. Hello all, Took possession yesterday, my first truck, first brand new vehicle, and first automatic transmission. i still have a highly modded bmw 335i twin turbo for summer fun. questions. 1)is there a roof rack option for this truck? 2)are any previous generation rims compatible? I like running an extra set of rims for aggressive, studded winter tires. (Far North Canada here) thanks all
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