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  1. Bless you man. Be happy and positive by spending time with your loved ones and doing what you love.
  2. Hey Beetle, Here's the thing. I can't find the damn cable for the brake pedal. And I'm a heavy handed guy, so I don't want to touch anything unnecessarily. Is it the one clouded in the attached photo?
  3. I do have the power operated pedals. The thing is, I've googled, searched the forums and looked pedal diagrams to find the harness/connector of the brake pedal. Appreciate your help Mike. I don't want to install a pedal cover with a spacer on a 40,000 Dollar car just to make both of them level.
  4. Hello Fellow GM Truckers, I bought a 2018 GMC Sierra and I love everything about it....except the damn brake pedal height difference versus the gas pedal. It's so bad that it's hurting my right hip joint (Old gym injury). I want to make them level as much as possible, and I found this post by Boss mechanic (item 2 specifically): I cannot for the life of me find the speedo cable or how to disconnect it. Any help will be highly appreciated.
  5. Hey Fellow Sierra Owners, First off, sorry to resurrect a dead topic. I just bought a new Sierra, and I really love the car except for the high brake pedal height Vs the gas pedal. I tired following Bass Mechanics steps, however for the life of me I cannot find the speedo cable that adjusts the brake height as mentioned in item 2. Best Regards,
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