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  1. Just admit you are a Chevy fan. I know plenty of Ram, Tundra, and Ford owner that have no issue with their vehicles.
  2. Naw. Heard that in other topics. GMC looks waaaaaay better. My opinion. lol
  3. What truck are you looking at now? Like you, looks play a major role in what I purchase - I do prefer the GMC over the Chevy.
  4. Honest and respectful review. I have to admit, I never consider purchasing the ford. I still have yet to purchase a vehicle, so, I may test drive the eco-boost this weekend.
  5. For me, I think the GMC just looks better. I have all the tach in my cars and rarely use things like adaptive cruise. I will say I love the Rams interior but overall I believe the GMC Sierra is better. However, the Ram hate is real.
  6. I believe many GM/Chevy owners are jealous that Ram pushed the technological and interior envelope. Denali, the alpha of the GMC line-up lacks technology in my daughters 12k Nissan Sentra. So, we alway go to the default, reliability. One of my coworkers has owned a Ram for nearly 20 years and I have never seen any horror stories found in these forums. Sanes goes for the Ram forum concerning GM/Chevy vehicles. Honestly, I find it quite amusing but nothing I have read on either forum would sway my decision.
  7. Sorry to hear that... Being stranded. I have never been stranded and I have owned a Benz since the 90s. You are aware that there are different trims for the E350? At any rate, I am glad you have a reliable Ford/Chevy. My Sierra will be my daily - I love the E53, CLS, and S class Benz. I am excited about purchasing my first truck. (I have noticed that a lot of people on this forum have the worst luck on any vehicle other than Chevy/GM).
  8. Cannot speak on the reliability of a Silverado Never owned one. However, I have owned several Mercedes a still do, and they have all been reliable, and have held their value nicely. I always say, buy what you like, and can afford to maintain. Maintenance can get expensive.
  9. I still own and love my Benz and it is definitely not overrated. Then again I never saw it as anything more than just a vehicle ~ but yea... the need to mention the price... Well... Is no more outrageous than feeling the need to mention engine size... Lol. Hopefully, I will have my Sierra by the months end.
  10. 2-4 years? Wow. Leasing may serve that population better but then that’s just my opinion. Thanks for the stat.
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