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  1. ok, thanks for your help.... I going thru my svc records to see exactly what they documented when I return it to the dealer... It's spent a total of 101 days at the dealer since 11/17...... again, thanks for your help / advice..
  2. yes, same dealer for warranty work every time.... same place purchased truck... in Augusta, Ga
  3. usually happens when slowing down (in the 15 - 20 mph range)...makes no difference if I drive 1 mile or 50, same hard shifting....
  4. Any advice?? My dealer has done 2 flushes and 6 torque converters since 11/17... Truck still shifts hard (at times).... GM said last week, just drive it like it is, it's normal..... any advice as I have filed a claim with the BBB (pending).....truck just turned 27,000 miles.. Last torque converter changed 04/19, lasted less than 300 miles before shifting hard again.....
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