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  1. Got it solved, was a bad ignition control module
  2. As simply as can be said I have power at the coil pack but no power going to the spark plugs
  3. I had a replacement wire and same result theres still power at the coil at the cap end, im going to check the coil connector for a bad ground inthe morning, but other than that I have no idea what to do theres a check engine light but the scanner claims there are 0 dtc’s so no clue if it could be a bad cam or crank sensor and I don’t have an advanced enough scanner to check freeze frame data
  4. So this is my first post on here, been lurking around for a while and have been able to troubleshoot the majority of my problems. But most recently while leaving work truck started up just fine (2001 Silverado 4.3l vortec with 281k miles) and immediately stalled going in reverse tried cranking it and the battery died so I replaced it with a brand new one and it started up just fine and about 5 minutes down the road stalled again and would not start, towed it home and checked for basics fuel and spark, the truck is infact getting fuel even replaced the old fuel filter, the ignition coil has power and is sending power to distributor cap, checked spark plug wires and they aren’t reciving power and grounded a spark plug to check if it wasn’t getting any spark and it has not, replaced both rotor and cap and there is still no spark, all fuses are good, just no power to cap any help is appreciated
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