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  1. I have a 2015 suburban lt and would like to go conventional also. Did you ever get any answers?
  2. So my wife had a 2008 Yukon xl sle that she loved but was getting close to 200k so o searched and bought a 2015suburban (80k miles) same color and all just like she wanted. Really wish I could have bought the 2008 brand new again. Not does not ride as good as the 2008. Had shocks and struts replaced thinking that would help. Rpo z85 wife says aha it makes he feel nauseous somethings. She does have some issues with dizziness and nausea already but this ride makes it worse. Anythong I can do to make this thing ride as good as my 2008? is the z85 too stiff? Can I replace shocks w standard shocks and disable the compressor in rear? anyone got a fix for this???? thanks
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