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  1. I have a 2018 gmc sierra all terrain. The steering assist light came on when I started it, so the steering was rock hard, service trailer brake light on, a/c didn't work for a little hit AND truck was in limp mode, tras mission wouldn't shift. At first it wouldn't even go into gear. After i cycled the key on and off a few times I at least I got the electric steering back. This is the second time this truck has done this! The first time it had 964 miles on the truck! And of course when I limped it back to the dealer everything was working! All the codes were for all the modules not communicating with each other. Now it has 5050 miles on it and it's doing it again! I just had it a couple of days ago for the service 4WD light came on. They said they updated transfercase module software. I really hope I didn't buy a lemon! Has anyone have a similar situation?
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