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  1. I have numerous trailers for different purposes but this truck ( 2019 Silverado LTZ) has an issue with a cargo trailer. when you turn on the lights after hooking up the trailer the truck shuts off the tail lights after a few seconds. I put on a new sealed connector cord still the same. All lights would come on for a few seconds and then go off. I hooked the trailer up to two other vehicles and it worked fine. I removed each light individually until the light (once reset) would stay on and replaced the light. I did this with several lights and each time i replaced a light next time it would be a different light that would cause it not to work. I have also hooked up this truck to other trailers and it works fine. It is like if you remove a light from the circuit it will work but once you replace this light it will be a different light. I took it to the dealer and they ran a test and said the truck is fine but it is shutting the tail lights off on its own. The brake and turn signals work fine. I am ready to give up!
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