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  1. Hi, just joined up here, looking for some insight on our new to us Tahoe Premier. Great truck, it had 18K miles on it when we bought it and over 21K on it now about 2 months later. I am not thrilled with the way it rides. It has the Z95 suspension set up with the Mag shocks. I have researched the web for information on the Z95 and not come up with much, other than folks either love it or hate it. I am looking for ways to make it ride better. It does still have the Continental 20" tires on it. On the Corvettes there is a way to dial in the ride you want with the Mag shocks. tour, sport and track not so with the Tahoe I guess. The Chevy dealer where I bought the truck does not have any idea what to do. I will first make sure the air shocks are releasing and it's not running around like it has a load on it. The back end sits 38" high from floor to the middle of the fender wheel opening. Is that normal? The front sits 35 1/4" measuring the same way. Does that sound about right? I see there are kits that raise the front end up so it does not run downhill so much. Any general information about the Z95 system would be appreciated....... we traded in a 2010 Tahoe that really did well over the expansion joints and bad roads that we have out here. Thanks....
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