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  1. x2 on this. Such quick service. Shipped within a day, just waiting on Canada Post to deliver to me.
  2. I just got quoted $450 to install a single amp on a 2019 non bose system from a shop. That price includes the LCI2 controller, and all wiring. That sound about right? The controller alone from the shop is $149. Thoughts?
  3. Did they use the plug and play harness or splice into somewhere?
  4. Whats the difference between a Loop Back Harness and a T-Harness ?
  5. So forgive my ignorance, I am a little unknowledgeable with car audio. We all know the sound quality is the shits in the new 19's - non bose system, especially coming from a '15 where the factory, non bose, sound was actually quite impressive. I like pumping loud music while driving and the front door speakers really distort if the bass is above "2" I have kicked around the idea of getting the Kicker combo that's offered from the dealer, but with parts and install, its running around $1000 for somewhat of an improvement. I also have two 10's and two amps that I took out of another truck I had so i could utilize those and get some really great bass and pay for only the install of the amp(s). Questions are: Would just adding an amp and subs improve the sound all around for higher volume levels? or Would powering the factory door speakers to the amp increase the clarity for higher volume levels? What exactly does the LLJ Customs loop back harness do? Is it necessary for what I want to do? Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  6. That's a bummer. Let us know if the adjustments make a drastic improvement. What did the dealer charge you to install? I got a quote for $68 or .5 of an hour which seems super low since I've been reading that it takes atleast an hour or two.
  7. Has anyone installed this on a non bose system? The non bose factory speakers really distort with the bass level above 7 so I am curious how the sub would sound with these doors speakers? Whats the difference between the two part numbers 19417164 and 19417165?
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