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  1. My Truck: 2014 Silverado with factory remote start. Id like to add some long range 2 way remotes to my truck. I always liked having 2 way remotes on my other rigs. I would like to know if if there are any plug and play easy to install kits. The other kits I installed were a huge pain in the butt and I’m not going through that again. But If there was an easy install I’d go for it. Anyone added 2 way remotes to their rigs?
  2. Is using 2” drop shackle and removing the factory block, or just getting a 3” shackle better? Or does it make a difference? Also anyone have a part number for the 3” belltech shackles? I found them at a store but belltech website won’t give a part number for what I’d need.
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