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  1. Hey tamadrummer, where exactly is this spot? I’m having the same problem and need to fix it
  2. If anyone is considering getting a tuner I’d definitely recommend you getting a diablosport i3 tuner, and get a custom tune by lew. He is top notch, super helpful, gives good advice and is always available. I wish every business had the customer service he has. This is my experience, and I’m sure anyone else who ends up using him will have the same experience. I don’t typically give shout outs like this, but I feel that he should get some credit where credit is due.
  3. I’m having the same wind noise issue on my drivers door. I think I’m going to have to adjust my door as well.
  4. I was wondering this myself. In my 2014 LTZ Z71 I have the partial LCD display. I would love to get a Denali display in my truck. If I read correctly I can get one and use it, but it has to be programmed? What will Happen if I throw it in without programming? I read it locks the truck? If it won’t work can’t I just throw my other cluster back in with no problems? The Denali cluster is awesome, would love to get one in my truck.
  5. What have you guys figured out for this? I’m having the same exact issue.
  6. My Truck: 2014 Silverado with factory remote start. Id like to add some long range 2 way remotes to my truck. I always liked having 2 way remotes on my other rigs. I would like to know if if there are any plug and play easy to install kits. The other kits I installed were a huge pain in the butt and I’m not going through that again. But If there was an easy install I’d go for it. Anyone added 2 way remotes to their rigs?
  7. Is using 2” drop shackle and removing the factory block, or just getting a 3” shackle better? Or does it make a difference? Also anyone have a part number for the 3” belltech shackles? I found them at a store but belltech website won’t give a part number for what I’d need.
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