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  1. The dealership is paying for everything since I had just bought the truck.
  2. The dealership is replacing cam, all 16 lifters and push rods
  3. About a month and a half ago my truck started making a pretty loud tapping noise, I figured it was one of the AFM lifters and scheduled an appointment at the dealership I had just bought the truck from. After a little further self diagnosis I determined that it was the #3 intake lifter and told the dealership this when I dropped it off. A week later when I go to get a loaner vehicle they showed me the lifter and confirmed that it was the number 3 intake. They said it was the worst lifter they had seen and were very surprised that it wasn't one of the AFM lifters. Now thanks to the GM strike I have been without the truck for a month due to the dealership waiting on parts. Has anyone else ever seen a lifter like that? Especially in the new LT engines?
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