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  1. It could be the multi-function switch I have had to replace mine twice the first time it was doing all kinds of weird things and the second time the left turn signal would turn on but not turn off unless I physically turned it off.
  2. I would just use the engine harness and all from the 05 if you have it and it will simplify a lot of things for you. If you plan to do electric cooling fans the harness off the 05 will already be there to add the electric cooling fans the only thing you would need to ensure that you have is the cooling fan fuse box and the harness going to the fans. The 05 pcm will also run the 6.0 and 4l80 just have to get a tune done to tell it the new specs. If you are wanting to do away with the cooler lines you can buy a block off plate. If you are wanting to add oil cooler lines just buy the oil cooler assembly and get a radiator that has a oil cooler on it and whatever else you need. The ignition key can be made to work on either pcm as long as you go through the security program to recognize the key.
  3. Check with pcmofnc.com and bp auto they have some very nice kits I haven’t checked on amazon. The guy that I used to tune my computer uses bp auto for his harnesses when he does swaps and all
  4. Well I checked with all of the junkyards around and I had no luck. The trucks that were there were all cut up. So what other options do I have.
  5. I'm not sure I follow you when you say the forward light harness and trigger harness.
  6. Yea I knew I would have to pin the harness and get the pcm done I have the pcm side setup whenever I get it all done. I was just wondering if there was an aftermarket way to do it making it look as close to factory as possible or even look factory
  7. I have an 03 1500 5.3 Z71 I want to do a electric cooling fan conversion. I know I want to run a factory style fan assembly. I am trying to figure out if there is a factory retrofit kit that would pin into the pcm and into the fuse block or if I can only get a harness that I have to mount the relays and all outside the fuse box. If there isn’t a kit to do inside the fuse block what’s some of the recommended places to get a harness to be as close to factory as possible?
  8. I did end up getting the correct computer and got it all working thanks for the input
  9. Would the wiring be much different if the rear oxygen sensors and emissions system is being deleted or is the wiring different on other parts
  10. I have a 03 1500 5.3 z71 the pcm has gone bad. I bought one from a guy that does tuning on PCMs for ls vehicles and he programmed an 0411 pcm for me but when I went to plug it in the connectors are different. The pcm I bought is a blue red connector my truck is a blue green connector. Being that the pcm is programmed for my truck would the pcm actually work for my truck without any further modification than trimming the tabs on the connector.
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