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  1. Update for you guys: i was able to get the ECM to BlackBear Performance they did a fantastic job and my suburban is up and running better than ever.. thanks for all the help guys
  2. Any recommendations on how to get this done?
  3. I did get a non AFM VVT camshaft with the kit i bought. vehicle is running now found a disconnected ground wire. now the issue i'm having is the truck is idling rough and throws codes for certain cylinders that are "de-activated" any advice on that? do i need to reprogram the ECU?
  4. yes all connectors are plugged in and as far as i can tell no wires are loose or damaged
  5. it only cranks all injectors and fuel lines are connected
  6. i put in a OBD II plug in (range technology) active fuel management device before trying to turn over, should i try to unplug that and try it again? or do you mean something completely different?
  7. guys any help would be great, i recently installed a AFM delete kit on my 2010 suburban with the 5.3 motor, 4x4. after installing all it does is crank and wont start up. i am guessing maybe the camshaft position sensor might need replaced but have no clue why it would be doing this? it ran when i started the swap but had a collapsing lifter issue that was re accruing.
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