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  1. It has been 4 weeks and they are still waiting for the OnStar module. I can't figure out why it takes so long for GM to get the part out to owners affected by this. Mostly I miss the compass on the DIC and on the navigation system. Since I had the truck 2 days when this started I haven't even tried the 4G WiFi.
  2. Took my truck in yesterday for the radio being completely dead along with the parking sensors. They were told by GM to unplug the radio and plug it back in to make it reboot. The radio and parking sensors now work. I asked if this is a permanent fix and the service advisor told me that GM said it was. I am hoping so. Unfortunately they are still waiting on the OnStar module so the compass, navigation and OnStar are not operating properly. Apparently GM is really slow with getting these modules out as documented on this forum. They have another customer with the same truck as mine that has been waiting for some time.
  3. Mine is also able to connect to OnStar and they are able to determine where the vehicle is located. The new wrinkle now is the radio is completely out. We drove the truck yesterday on several errands and when we started it after it had sat for about an hour there was no radio. The screen is out, no sound, no backup camera and the buttons are not backlit. Checked this morning and everything is still black. I guess another call to the dealer. I'm hoping it is all related. I'm not getting a good feeling about this truck after 600 miles. I pretty easy going and a loyal GM owner but I am not very happy at this point!
  4. Add me to the list. I took delivery on 1/16/15 and had the problem begin two days later. First the OnStar light was alternating between green and red. Then it went to red and the compass intermittently would read "CAL" and a red "x" through the GPS on the Nav. Took it to the dealer on 1/22/15 and diagnosed as the OnStar module. It is the second High Country they had do it within the first 500 miles of ownership. My build date was 10/14 so I am guessing they had a bad batch of modules.
  5. Question: Dl8 To Dl3 Mirrors

    Does the drivers mirror auto dim feature work plug and play? I had an '09 with the power fold mirrors, but they no longer offer those on the 2011 LT's. Mostly what my wife and I miss are the turn signals and auto dim driver mirror. I really didn't use the power fold feature so I wouldn't care if that worked.

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