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  1. BUMP anyone put 20x10s with 305/55 on a trail boss with stock 2 inch lift? Any rubbing or trimming needed?
  2. Have a 2019 Custom Trail Boss I was considering adding Katzkin to does anyone know the part number or brand for the heated seat elements? Found the covers themselves on eBay but not the heaters. I’d want to add them as well when I have the seats out and open.
  3. Wheel and tire size? Offset? Trimming required? I have 3 practically brand new 20x10 -12s with 305/55/20r that I’m trying to figure out if they will rub before I replace the 4th.
  4. Know this is an old post but any rubbing with the set up? What offset?
  5. I have 3 Fuel Krank 20x10s Dual drilled 6x135/139.7 with Falken wildpeak 305/55/20r. 4th was damaged in an accident. Wheels and tires only have 5k miles on them. Have TPMS and lug nuts. If interested I can assist with part numbers for ordering the 4th. Asking 1100 local pick up only.
  6. I saw that was available for pre order. Looks pretty neat. I’d like to try it on my c5 but I’ve got A LOT of correcting to do before then.
  7. Yeah I’ve used some of the others on vehicles in the past. They work great. I figured I’d do this quickly to get me through the winter and give it a shot and then maybe 6 months from now when the weather is a little better and I can get my garage in better shape for the long cure time I will apply one of those.
  8. Washed, Clayed then applied the Adams ceramic surface prep and Adams ceramic spray coating. It was super easy to apply and gave the paint lots of depth and shine. I was skeptical of a spray coating but my initial thoughts are that I’m extremely impressed by the product. Have not yet rinsed to test how well it beads water but I’ll do that soon. Will update on how long protection last. The truck will be parked outside so I’m curious as to how long I’ll get before I need to reapply.
  9. Haha no problem was confused for a second there. Anyone know if they will rub?
  10. Hi there, new member and first time GM truck owner ( have had multiple other gm vehicles). Just picked up my 2019 custom trail boss over the weekend and have some wheel tire set up questions. My F-150 that was just totaled had Fuel Krank 20x10s -12 offset (Dual drilled 6x135 and 6x139.7 with Falken wildpeak ATW3s 305/55/20. Wondering if the 2 inch lift on the Trail boss will accommodate my set up with out further modifications. I only have 3 wheels and tires as one was damaged in the accident. Thanks for any help and insight. Attached some pictures of my new truck and a photoshop rendition of if I transfer my wheel tire set up.
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