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  1. take the door panel off (5 minutes) and see whats going on in there...
  2. I just replaced my regulator and motor in my 2000 Sierra....easy 30 minute job..there are a ton of You---- videos on how to do it the replacement unit was $67 Canadian through Amaz-n Prime mine had broken a cable and the motor would work but the window wouldn't go up or down
  3. Winter mileage is abysmal in every vehicle...my 09 Yaris gets 55 mpg (imperial) in the summer on the highway (100 kph) but drops to 35 mpg in the winter. Warm-up, stiff parts when cold, winter tires, slush/snow etc on the road and winter blend fuel all take a chunk away from the milage... I'm in Kenora NW Ontario and gas in $128.9/liter so it hurts! Just saying.... My Sierra probably gets 5 mpg while plowing
  4. I'm looking to mount a light bar on the truck for snow plowing.. its gotta be above the bumper since the plow is blocking the stock lights and on the hood looks awful.. I was thinking on the roof.. Anyone down that? If so how big a bar 48"... did you have to make a cover to make it street legal.. any other concerns? Thanks 2000 Sierra 4x4 LTZ standard cab long box
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