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  1. I just ordered a set of the 5100's .. they were only about $20 more than the 4600's and I like the look of them better than the yellow and blue. I do not have a lift kit in it and don't plan on doing so. My understanding is that by using the higher grooves on the strut body, it will lift the front slightly. I may consider doing that cause it wouldn't bother me to raise the front slightly. I don't think I want to go to the highest setting but was wondering if the 2nd or 3rd notch would be a noticeable change in height. Also will using either of those notches produce a harsher ride. Lastly does this put more wear or strain on other components. Is it changing the suspension geometry at all or doesn't it affect that? Seems like most recommendations are for the 3rd or 4th notch and not many for the 2nd....why is that? Thanks in advance for any input -RC
  2. So the only thing I actually need would be the T-harness like the one that LLJ Customs sells ? If that's the case, that is awesome. Wont be hard at all. Just another question ...I can't go full out right now and I've read that it's not advisable to just upgrade the main speakers and use the bose amp. So I was planning on keeping the Bose amp and the main speakers, but was thinking of starting with upgrading the sub and adding an amp for for it. So am I wasting my time and money right now by only replacing the factory Bose sub? Will I hear much improvement ? Thanks again for any input RC
  3. I have a 2016 Silverado High Country with the Bose system in it. I’m looking at getting one of these sub amp Kits to replace the factory subwoofer in the center console. https://www.ebay.com/itm/223512431738?ul_noapp=true One of the questions I have is , can I just use the existing wires connected to factory sub and connect them to the high level input on the new amp that is included in the kit. Or is that not the best way to do it ? I’m asking because I have seen references to using a custom Bose Amp T-Harness and then connecting that to a line converter like LC2i. See attached pic of the wires I am referring to. Any input would be appreciated
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