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  1. 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 - Bose rear speakers sound like an 92 Honda Civic on FM, not tape. Agree on getting a stereo shop to bring in some sound. I asked on a new thread where the sub is located. Got crickets. Overall, not impressed.
  2. Clean, simple. Truck is solid. Waiting for Cognito leveling kit to come out before I roll 35's.
  3. New to GM, New to Bose. I know the older model have the sub in the console so assuming it's still located there for 2020? Reason I ask - I test drove a few trucks before making up my mind on minean. I have heard the sub and system in others but in mine, I don't here it. Feels like only a 6 speaker system and not the rich thud of the other truck I drove. I question this because the dealer took out my SD card and said my truck didn't have Nav and "verified my Vin". I called them back and said why is it on my build sheet but no SD card?? Back peddling started. So now, I'm wondering if it's been removed so locating it and verifying is why I ask. Sorry long winded but I am not happy after two days of ownership. Dent in driver door, cowl is scratched and I had to send it back while I was signing papers because the detail job was so bad I refused it. Now the Nav issue, I've lost all confidence.
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