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  1. I emailed the tech-notes website that had linked gmupfitter as a resource. The guy replied that it was down for maintenance. I just checked and it is back online.....
  2. I have the file I need, I just wanted to explore the site more. Are you able to get to it?
  3. I'm just trying to get to the upfitter website but have been unable to for several days. It fails due to taking to long to respond. From any of my devices and from any network I've been connected to. Just wondering if it is down or some issue I'm having
  4. Is anyone able to get to this site??
  5. Just as a correction to what I said above....... Glad I put that second "know" in quotes because I obviously didn't - know The other 4 pins on that connector have nothing to do with USB ports. They are for the Aux Input port. Well, 3 are, the 4th isn't used. The usb signals are carried on a usb cable with, I believe, a usb mini A connector that plugs into the back of the module that houses the armrest console's 2 usb and 1 Aux Input ports. I think that module is what is referred to as "A90 Logic" in the Upfitters wiring diagrams.
  6. I think I found what I need at Upfitters! Just had to view it on a real PC screen instead of my phone or tablet!!
  7. Is there a place to find wiring diagrams other than Upfitters??
  8. Does anyone have a wiring diagram that shows the pinout for the connector that plugs into the back of the USB ports in the armrest console?? And where the signals originate from?? I know pin 4 is ground and pin 6 is 12V. Also "know" that the other 4 pins must be the data lines for the 2 USB ports but don't know which "pair" goes to which port and the proper polarity. I have a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 "fleet" model that has the IOB radio option (7" screen, no Nav, no Onstar, no CD). The connector for the USB ports is part of a 4 connector harness - 1 connector to the USB ports, 1 to the Aux input, 1 to the convenience outlet and the 4th obviously plugs into a harness(es) head back to wherever all these things originate. Does anyone know if the USB data lines originate at the HMI?? At the radio?? Or ... ?? I would really love to find an end to end diagram. The first picture shows the harness under the drink holders in the armrest (found an example on eBay!) And the other shows the 6 pin connector plugged into the back of my USB ports. ANY help would be most appreciated!! Thanks
  9. Don't have one in the glove box. Just 2 in the center fold down storage area.
  10. I have a 2018 Sierra base model. It has a radio but no CD player, etc. I have 2 USB ports in the center console. I would like to add another to "permanently" add a hidden phone to be used with Android Auto for maps, phone, etc. Since some models have USB ports mounted below the radio area, I'm wondering if there is a harness I can plug into. I'm not just looking for a charging port, but one that is tied to the radio inputs. Any ideas? Thanks!
  11. My new-to-me 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 base model.
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