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  1. Mackbook Pro, otherwise HP Envy 13. You can check hardware and operating system functions yourself.
  2. Amazon and eBay would be the best options because you can go with any option after analyzing the reviews. However, you can also consider Discount Tire Direct, WheelMax and 1010tires.
  3. Thanks for detailed guide and pictures. I was about to go with expensive options but yes, you gave smart option. Thank you.
  4. Many subwoofer reviewers have very good views about Rockford Fosgate powered subs but I am big fan of Rockford Fosgate P300-12 as compared to Rockford Fosgate P300-10T. Especially loves its booming bass sound that could be mixed with out music with great sound quality. You can also see the complete list of the best powered subs here ( https://99carstereo.com/powered-car-subwoofers/ ) and can go with any option according to your demands but honestly, I also like the slim design of Rockville RWS12CA. You can place it driver's seat with easily even my friend installed it into minutes and yes, qua
  5. Mid sized truck with strong build but I am only interested to know either fuel one or electric because as a keen observer of global market, I am watching the trend changes. Electric vehicles are most anticipated replacement of fuel ones.
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